April 27, 1942

April 28, 2012


Rochester Post-Bulletin

President Urges Wage, Price Stabilization to Bar Inflation

President Roosevelt made clear his vision of ensuring that prices, wages and rents not get out of control. The President proposed stabilization of wages and salaries of individuals. He also said “I believe that stabilizing the cost of living will mean that wages in general can and should be kept at existing levels.”

Tojo reminds people of a war still to fight

Premier General Hideki Tojo acknowledged on the radio today “the war still has to be fought despite Japan’s victories so far.” Premier Tojo’s recognition of the needs of his military to press forward came against the reality of slowing Japanese advances. The wet monsoon season is rapidly approaching in Burma and Japanese airpower is being checked north of Australia.

Bull kills farmer

Well-known area farmer A.E. Achterkirk, 63, was gored to death by the bull he was leading to water. He is survived by “his widow, four sons, and three daughters….”

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