July 22, 1942

July 22, 2012


Minneapolis Morning Tribune

U.S. Steps Up War Plans

The War Administration disclosed that sinkings during the week of July 12 were at the highest levels since the war began. It announced destruction of United Nations vessels through enemy action and marine casualties, including mines, “have greatly exceeded new construction” although building was breaking all records. Because of the sinkings, WSA said it decided to limit shipping space to “cargo essential the prosecution of the war” and this rule will apply to imports and exports.

United States for the first six months of the war, announced by the war and navy departments, include 4,330 dead, 2,941 wounded and 4,694 missing. This figure does not include an estimated 35,000 troops on Bataan peninsula when it fell, nore 10,307 men on Corregidor.

No figures are are available for Japanese losses, but they are believed to be much higher.

“On to Victory” Aquatennial theme continues
A second Minneapolis parade is planned for today and the spectators lining the street is expected to exceed the 380,000 who viewed the event’s opening day parade.

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